Cath and Mark's wedding - Rockcliffe Hall - March 11th 2018 - Wedding Photographer North East

Cath and Mark's wedding started well. The girls were in a great mood as they started their bridal preparation and there was a great sense of fun in the house, as the girls got ready. The day was a set for a wonderfull day.

Unfortunately the priest would not allow us to shoot anything inside the church, which is always a massive dissapointment, so although we followed them to the church we did not take any photographs inside. We were there to greet them outside and managed to get a quick shot with them in the car, before heading to Rockcliffe Hall, where we were able to take advantage of the great whether to shoot some wonderfull photographs of the two of them together.

Once we had completed the posed romantic shot of the bride and groom, I was able to then get on with shooting the group shots, that the bride and groom wanted. The guests were easy to work with, and were very attentive, which speeded this section of the photographs up, and made it fun.

After shooting the group shots we were able to slip away and shoot the details of the breakfast fast. This was a pleasure indeed, as the room was set up with wonderfull decorations and details. It is always more enjoyable when the bride and groom make that extra effort.

Next were the speeches, which were quite short, but great fun. Respectful jokes, that fitted the classy nature of this well planned and executed wedding. Laughs aplenty but also a few emotional moments. No sign of nerves, as the chosen few had clearly planned their speeches well.

The bride and groom had not hired us for the first dance, and so our last part of the day, was to photograph the cutting of the cake. It always helps this shot when you have a great looking cake and this wedding was no exception. The bride and groom seemed to enjoy this element of the photographs and clearly had a great lot of fun with it.

All in all, a fantastic day. Its was a pitty we were not aloowed in the church to photograph the ceremony, but these things happen from time to time. Other than that it was a perfect day, with a great couple, fantastic guests, fab weather and all in a great venue.

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