Kimberley and Scott's wedding - Newcastle Race Course - 21st of January 2018 - Wedding Photographer Newcastle

I arrived at Kimberley's house and every one was in great spirits forn the day ahead. There was so much fun and excitement in the house, which always makes for great photographs. The make up artists were in a great mood also which really helped the girls relax as they got ready for the day ahead. We met Mark from Total Manchester Wedding Videos, and we began working as a team. It is great when you meet a videographer that has an understanding of how wedding photography works and is therefore helpfull and respectfull to the process.

So next we arrived at Newcastle Race Course for the ceremony. The ceremony was light hearted and very sincere. The registrars led a nice and relaxed ceremony, that garnered plenty of laughs and emotions. There was laughter and there was tears, as every one watched on as this couple made their vows.

After the ceremony we all went outside for the group shots. The guest were great to work with and we were able to get through the group shots quickly and effectively as they were all in good spirits and were attentive.

Once the group shots were completed, were able to shoot the romantic shots. Luckily the weather stayed on course and that combined with Kimberley and Scott's relaxed frame of mind allowed us to get some great shots. We first of all shot at the front area of Newcastle Race Corse and then went round to the racing track side to shoot some more. We were running out of time but because we shot quick and easy we were able to get the shots we needed.

Next were the speeches which were emotional and very sweat. Both the groom and best man were very funny and their was a lot of alughter in the room. The guests all cheered and clapped at the correct points and were very respectful of what was being said. You could tell that the guest had a lot of love for this lovely couple.

The cutting of the cake was just before the first dance and was given great enthusiasm by the guests with many of them taking photographs and getting into the spirit of it.

The first dance was a touching close embrace and really sweat. They were so into each other and you could really feel the love in the air. The glitter cannon went of really early and they were perfectly placed to be covered by it. All in all it was a great day as a wedding photographer and one of those days that was a pleasure to be a part of.

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