Laura and Don's wedding - 8th of April 2018 - Holiday Inn Washington - Wedding Photography Newcastle

The day was met with stunning sun shine, which is always a blessing on a wedding day. At the house everyone was relaxed and Laura was ahead of schedule, as she was already beginning to put her dress on. I guess she could not wait. Laura seemed in a very relaxed mood and so did everyone else in the house. In fact, I would say the men in the house were slightly more stressed than the girls.

I managed to get a photograph of Laura getting into the car, and also get to the wedding venue fast enough to also get a quick photograph of the groom and the best men before she arrived. Laura was led down the isle by both her dad and her step dad. The ceremony went well and there was a pleasant relaxed atmosphere in the room.

The sun was still shinning when we did the group shots, and so the guest were happy to be outside. The guests were very attentive, and so because of this, the group shots were completed rather quickly.


Once the guest were safely inside having a drink, we then did some romantic shots. Don is an extremely shy guy and so this was not his thing at all. He agreed he would do them for Laura, but we did not manage to get any where near as many done, as we would normally have.

Laura and Don were then announced in the room to rapturous applause, and the speeches began almost immediately. The speeches were met with great laughter, as both Laura's dad and step dad told the guests some funny stories about her life.

The cake was cut on time, and was given a lot of enthusiasm by the guests, as many stood up to take a photograph. The mirror behind the cake, gave a great opportunity to photograph this important ceremony from a unique angle.

The first dance started immediately after the cake cutting. It was clear that Laura was more into this than Don, but then again, the bride always is, and Don is a very shy guy, so it was no surprise that he did not revel in the attention. After the first dance Laura had a dance with her father, which was very sweet.

To summarise, I would say that they had a great day, and that everything went according to plan. I would have liked to do more posed romantic shots, but sometimes you have to accept that not everyone is into these things.

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