If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Newcastle or a wedding photographer in the North East, then take a look at our portfolio. At spectrum photography we believe that life is all about moments and the memories that stem from them. Your special day is the most important day of your life, so why not give your self the best visual aid you can so that you can cherish those memories in all their glory.


Spectrum photography strives to capture the relationships and emotions of your special day, and transform these experiences into stunning composed photographs that are vividly beautiful and widely distinctive. We have a diverse range of artistic approaches for you to select from, as we work in consultation with you to create a clear and detailed action plan. We will artistically capture all the elements of your special day from the radiance of the bride and groom, to the traditional rituals, to the people, to the scenery. We use a wide variety of photography styles including reportage to capture the moments of Human interaction and emotion, formal to capture the grandeur of the occasion and the stylistic glamour of your guests and macro to record all of the little details like the cake, the shoes, the flowers and the rings.


We have a variety of packages available for you to pick from, allowing you to pick from a wide range of albums and coverage. The sky is the limit but there are also some very cost effective combinations depending on your budget.


Using the very latest picture processing techniques we are able to not only enhance the photographs so that they shine at their very brightest but also encompass what ever adaptations the bride and groom want.


Having altered the photographs to their maximum potential, we then work closely with the bride and groom to produce photo albums that visualize the story of the day.


DON'T WASTE ANYMORE TIME LOOKING FOR YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER NEWCASTLE OR YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER NORTH EAST ENGLAND; Contact us now to see if we are available for the date of your special day or to arrange an appointment: 07415 057012 or e mail:


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