Auto Focus Verses Manual Focus

Auto Focus Verses Manual Focus

When photography cameras were first developed there was no auto focus. In fact if you had told a photographer at that time that such a thing would eventually exist they would have probably laughed.

In the time since the early days of photography up to and through the digital revolution, there has been so many extra features added to photography cameras, but auto focus is with out doubt the most important. After all, focus or lack of it is the most important aspect of photograph.

A photograph can be exposed and lit perfectly, can have a masterful composition, but if the picture is out of focus, then you really have no picture at all. Not only because there is little detail in the photograph thereby rendering all of the marvellous detail invisible, but also because it is extremely frustrating to the viewer as they have to strain their eyes to really get a look at the picture, only to find that their efforts are pointless. This leaves a huge sense of dissatisfaction in the mind of the viewer.

When the first auto focus mechanisms were added to cameras they really did not function very well at all. If a subject was perfectly still and was very well illuminated, then the auto focus would work. How ever if the subject was moving or was not lit well, the auto focus would struggle to find and keep the subject which would result in the subject being lost from the senser, leading to a bad focal shot.

As the years rolled on, the importance of auto focus became apparent from a commercial point of view, as more and more general public consumers began to buy digital cameras because of their cheap operating costs in that they did not require film. With more and more amateur and therefore less skilled photographers buying cameras the manufacturers began to invest huge finance in the devolopment and improvement of the auto focus feature, knowing that it would be a massive selling point for their cameras.

With all this extra investment in the auto focus function, the ability of auto focus mechanisms to operate in low light vastly improved. This gave the average amateur photographer the ability to quickly focus in low light and with a flash take a great photograph.

As the development of the auto focus continued, new technology allowed the senser to focus on moving objects which is extremely important for wild life photography, sports photography and wedding photography.

The ability for auto focus to work on moving objects whilst vastly improved is still not perfect, so there is still area for improvement, but the pace at which auto focus is developing shows that the perfect auto focus is not that far away.

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