Digital Verses The Old Fashioned Film Camera

Digital Verses The Old Fashioned Film Camera

In the early days of photography there was only the old fashioned film camera. The relatively simple process of exposing a piece of plastic that had been sprayed with light reactive chemicals to the light that had bounced off the subject. The problem with this method was that in the field the photographer had no way of checking to see if they had captured the image correctly, besides pulling the film out. What compounded the problem was the fact that film stock was so expensive. This left the photographer with a dilemma, to take another shot knowing that they could already have it and therefore waste more expensive photo stock.

As a result of these issues the digital camera was invented. With a digital screen the wedding photographer could easily access and look through previous images even if they had been taken on a previous day. This allowed the photographer to quickly see if the picture had been taken correctly.

The digital memory card also meant that if the photograph had not been exposed properly then the another shot could be taken at no extra cost.

Another advantage was that the photographer did not have to change film constantly. Off course the memory card would have to be changed eventually, but no way as often as the changing film.

Having said that, when the digital camera first came out it was not the answer to the professional photographers problems as the image that were captured were not as fine as the old fashioned film camera. How ever as with all technology the image sensors got bigger in size and larger in term of the amount of memory they could record for each photograph which resulted in the image produced by these digital cameras getting better and better. Now the professional digital camera has just about caught up with the film camera.

Another extra advantage to the digital camera is all the extra controls which can be used for shooting and also editing the picture in camera. All these extra controls give the professional photographer more tools with which to take the perfect picture.

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