On Board Flash Verses External Flash In Wedding Photography

On Board Flash Verses External Flash In Wedding Photography

 There is no doubt that the correct amount of light is a massive factor when it comes to the quality of a photograph. The simple fact is that just like your eyes, the right amount of light must bounce of the subject and into the camera lens. If there is little light, then there is little detail in the picture.


For this reason we use flash, so that we can send light to the subject so that light hits it and bounces back into the camera lens on its way to the film or in digital cameras the chip.


An external flash is a flash device that attaches directly to the camera or is attached via a cable. The advantage of an external flash is that it allows for greater control of the amount of light that it emits. This is extremely important as too little light will produce little detail and therefore make the picture look out of focus, where as too much light, will essentially over expose the subject creating a bleaching effect.


The inbuilt on camera flash is a very useful tool for exposing, how ever its controls are general very limited and can not be accessed very easily making the photographer less adaptive in a given situation.


Taking all this into account, it would seem that the external flash would be the first choice every time. How ever this is not the case because of certain factors that occur in certain situations.


For example: during the ceremony of a wedding it can be very distracting to use a big tower flash, where as using the on board flash can be much less of a distraction not only for the bride and groom, but for the guests as well. If the on board flash emits enough light to properly expose the bride and groom then it is the perfect choice, as it gives the correct balance between getting the correct amount of exposure and not being distracting for the couple and the guests. This is ultimately one of the arts of being a great wedding photographer.


Another advantage to the on board flash is that it is not battery powered. The last thing you want as a wedding photographer is to suddenly have to change the batteries of your flash in the middle of a wedding ceremony. Not only will it be distracting to the bride and groom and guests, but it will also take time to do, which renders the photographer in operative during that length of time. Imagine if you missed some or even just one of the all important shots like the best man handing the rings over, the exchanging of the rings, the kiss or the bride and groom walking up the isle.


When it comes to flash, there is a huge debate to be had, as professional wedding photographers differ greatly in their approach to using flash. Every wedding photographer has their own style on all manner of aspects, but flash is one of the biggest areas of differentiation when it comes to the working methodology of the professional photographer.

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