Do You Have To Use A Full Frame Camera For Wedding Photography

Most full time professional photographers use a full frame photography camera. In this article I will explain what a full frame photography camera is and its advantages over a crop camera.


A full frame photography camera is a camera that has a sensor that is the same size as 32mm film. Here are some of the reasons that the full frame camera is superior to the crop camera for wedding photography.



1, Quality of image. This is important because 32mm film is the standard for major studio film releases. This is because the larger the film stock the better the quality of the image that is recorded.

By having a digital sensor the same size as 32mm film, the image becomes the same standard as the golden standard of a Hollywood film. Just as with 32mm film, their are more molecules of photo sensitive chemicals to record the picture, with digital there are more diodes to make a better quality picture with a digital sensor.


2, Better low light performance. A full frame camera has better low light performance for two reasons:


A, because the senor is larger it has larger diodes, which means that each diode receives more light in a given situation, and is therefore able to make a decent picture recording in low light. This also means that you can push the ISO value of the camera up higher with out the grainy effect that you would with a crop camera.


B, because the senor is wider you can get wider lenses with a lower f stop (more light entering the lens) for the camera. Some prime lenses even have an f stop as low as 1.4 which means they are letting in an incredible amount of light to the sensor.


As a wedding photographer in Newcastle, I find it especially important to be able to shoot in low light, because some times you encounter a priest that does not allow you to use flash, and therefore with out a full frame photography camera, you will struggle to get good quality photographs.


3, More shallow depth of field. Full frame photography cameras have a more shallow depth of field. Depth of field is the distance between two points at which the camera remains in focus. The reason it is advantageous to have a shallow depth of field is because it is often considered a bonus if a photograph has the points of interest in focus, while everything else that is not of interest is out of focus. This means that when the viewer looks at the photograph, their eyes lock more easily on what the photographer wants them to look at. Their is essentially less distraction.


Full frame cameras are obviously more expensive than crop cameras, and the lenses that attach to them are also. This means that anyone getting into photography must make a large investment if they are to decide to go down the full frame route. You can still produce beautiful photographs with a crop camera, but the control that a full frame camera gives you allows you to push your art form to the maximum, especially in difficult lighting situations.



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