The Importance Of The Ultra Violet Filter

Most photographers have an ultra violet filter on their lens. There are two reasons for this:


1, The ultra violet filter will help reduce glare from the Sun. It does this by neutralising the Sun's rays and balancing them out. This neutralising removes a lot of the harsh artefacts that the Sun projects on the cameras lens.

By removing these harsh and very destructive artefacts, you are able to produce un effected photographs, that are not ruined by the freakish nature of light and physics.


2, Protection. By having an ultra violet filter on the lens, you are covering up the most vulnerable part of the lens, the glass. It is very easy to swing your camera around and smash the glass on the corner of a table. Suddenly your really expensive lens is ruined, which not only incurs a cost, but can stop your shoot there and then, which will obviously up set your customers.

As a wedding photographer in Newcastle, I feel it is essential to protect my lenses, because I can hardly turn round to the bride and groom, and tell them that their wedding photography is over, because I have clumsily smashed my lens. It could ruin their day and will definitely ruin their photographs.


The cost of a good quality multi coated ultra violet lens is not high. You can purchase a reasonable good one for around twenty pounds. Some would argue that by having a piece of plastic between the lens and the chip, you are reducing the quality of the image. This is essentially true, but it is by such a small amount, that the advantages mentioned above make it an essential thing to have on your camera lens. 



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