How To Pick Your Wedding Photographer

Picking your wedding photographer can a daunting task, because most people know little about photography, and may have never been married before, and therefore have no experience of hiring a photographer. Here are a few tips for making the correct decision.


1, Equipment. A professional photographer should be using a full frame camera. A full frame camera is camera that has an imaging chip that is the equivellent of 32 mm film. The larger chip not only produces a better quality due to the fact that it produces a larger image, but it also performs better in low light. If your priest does not allow flash during the ceremony, it is essential that your photographer has a full frame camera.


2, There are many different styles of photography out there, so it is important that you look at the photographers site and read up on his style. Your photographer could do some sterling work, but if it was not what you had in mind or wanted, then you will be unsatisfied.


3, You should always meet with your photographer before hiring him. This is important because the photographer is almost like the second wedding planner on the day, because he is the one who has to organise everyone after the ceremony, and make sure all the group shots are done on time.

Some photographers do not have the personality to keep things track in a polite and friendly way. If your photographer is too laid back then shots will be missing. If he is too obsessed, then he may become rude and agitated when things fall off schedule slightly.


It is also very important to meet with the photographer before hand, in order to look at some samples of work in the flesh. There are people out there that can build a website from stock photographs and then call themselves a photographer. To be , the industry has a lot of that going on. By seeing the photographs in albums, you can verify that he or she has taken the photographs, as they have posession of them in good enough quality to get albums produced.


4, Check what you are actually getting for the money you are paying. You must ask if you actually get all the photographs on disk or usb, and make sure they are in full resolution. There are some photographers that offer a disk with all the photographs on, but they do not specify that they will be low resolution, and therefore no good for getting prints made. When you then ask about high resolution, they then try to charge you more money for the high resolution photographs.


You must also check that they give you copyright permission to get printed them off etc. It is no good having the photographs, and then not being able to do anything with them. A lot of photographers do not volunteer this information, so make sure you ask.


In conclusion, it is a massive decision and one that comes down to personal choice, but at least if you consider the points above, you will be making that decision from a more informed position.


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