The Manufactured Story Book Album Verses The Traditional Wedding Album


Years ago, there was essentially only one type of album. This was the type of album that you bought from a shop, and then stuck photographs into it with either glue, spray mount or double sided sticky tape.


The problem with simply sticking photographs in, was that it was not only very time consuming to line them up and then adhere them to the album, but there was no guarantee that the photographs would stay in. The entire point of getting married is that it is for ever. If you can not guarantee the photographs remain in place forever, then the album is not exactly fit for purpose.


These albums also very often had rice paper in between the pages to protect the photographs from getting scratched. The fact that you had to fold the rice paper after turning the page, every time you wanted to look at new photographs, really antagonised the viewing process.


Several years ago wedding photographers started using digital story book albums. These albums are designed in the computer using software that is usually provided by the album manufacturer. Once the album has been designed and approved by the customer, the design is then send via the internet and then the manufacturer makes the album.


The photographs are not stuck in, they are printed as part of the page. The obvious advantage of this, is that the photographs can not fall out, because they are actually printed onto the album pages.


Another great advantage to this type of wedding album is that it allows for the photographer to place various back grounds behind the photographs, to create a variety in the design of the album.


Also because you design the album in the computer, the customer gets to see a digital representation of the album and can therefore approve it knowing exactly what it will look like.


In summary there are many advantages to the modern story book album. Some couples how ever still opt to have an old fashioned album despite its disadvantages. It is in the end of the day, a personal choice.


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